Cara's Mosaic


Cara Marie Petrone is a healing artist who works with people one-on-one

She does private healing sessions and teaches about wellness and spirituality.

She is a fine artist and musician who performs

original music throughout the United States

with the intention of energetically assisting

and healing audiences in a singer/songwriter format.

 *    *    *

  • CaraMarie holds a BA in Fine Arts
  • * Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner of Both Usui & Karuna Reiki
  • * An Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner
  • * Teacher of Meditation
  • * Self love & Wellness Cultivation
  • * Emotion Code practitioner
  • * Entity Removal Practitioner
  • *Starseed Support & Ambassador

To Cara Marie all things are sacred and

she loves to assist others in remembering their own sacredness.

She love to help others empower themselves through

cultivating their connection with the Divine within.

She also loves to help others in anchoring in UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS.